IIHT Technologies’ embankments include Skill Education and Training

IIHT Bridging the skill gap

IIHT Technologies boasts of its well organized courseware development that is student centric, skill centric and is up-to-date on all precincts. At the cusp of its reputable delivery and its services is the course development that takes into account the advancements in technologies in the world of IT IMS.

IIHT Courses are designed in a way to provide lucrative Placement Opportunities

IIHT Courses are designed in a way to provide lucrative Placement Opportunities

A business at IIHT involves building a brand, creating goodwill as well as establishing tried and tested processes to achieve standardizing of operations. This is of course based on years of trial and error mechanisms by world class trainers and businesses. The processes thus built have universal applicability, with a few variations as per geographical, cultural and other environmental factors.
IIHT triumphs to create best of the learning environment through a well structured education ecosystem and this is the reason why IIHT is gaining popularity worldwide with Franchises in 24 countries.

All you need to know about Franchise Fees

All you need to know about Franchise Fees

When you think of franchise fees it’s not the only thing you are concerned about, it’s actually, referring to various cost that you’d incur to own a franchise. And one should be well aware of different types of Franchise Fees so as to avoid any discrepancies. IIHT Technologies works in such a way that they plan each of these fees in a very transparent manner so that there is always a healthy franchisor and franchisee relationship. You should better research for the franchises before you finalize with one of the Franchises.

IIHT Technologies believes in transparency with its Partners!!!

IIHT Technologies believes in transparency with its Partners!!!

Each fee charged by the franchisor is backed by a potent rationale. It is important however that franchisors share the same with the franchisee. This helps in building mutual trust. IIHT Technologies indeed believes in transparency and upholds culture built on trust with each of its partners. It believes that declaring the revenue system and being transparent about its financials ensures credibility and mutual trust. Not necessarily as a franchisee one could be happy about all the information he/she receives but he/she will definitely have access to knowing real picture and hence prevent disputes.

IIHT to deliver an inclusive education!

IIHT to deliver an inclusive education!

The focus on creating a career rather than just helping in finding a job has made IIHT to deliver an inclusive education, wherein, students are also provided complete assistance in finding a placement where they can build a great career.

How do we really, increase profits when in franchise business?

How do we really, increase profits when in franchise business?

Comparison between two or more franchises too, will help in identifying best alternative as well.