Importance of Master Franchise

Importance of Master Franchise

Master Franchisees enjoy continued support from IIHT Technologies and share the revenue generated from the sub-franchises. IIHT offers in-depth training, support in merchandising and set up ensuring that a master franchise could function almost independently in the designated area.


IT Training Courses- A Must !!!

IT Training Courses- A Must !!!

The IT courses enhance technical skills aiding to gaining in-depth skills with lucid conceptualization and internalization of various components of each technology.

Buying and Education Franchise Business

Buying and Education Franchise Business

Education is one of the most favoured streams of franchise business for many reasons. Individuals who want to start a business in education are extremely in overwhelming numbers and so is the number of options available to them. Learn how you can enter this stream of business.

Franchise a better industry – winning the race!!!

Franchise a better industry – winning the race!!!

The most advantageous factor of franchise industry is that franchises are available in all shapes and sizes and in all sorts of business lines, products and services. There are even franchises such as Indian Institute of Hardware and Technology (IIHT) that can customise the size of the franchise depending on the region and franchisee capacity.

Business to Franchsie, Franchise to Business

Business to Franchsie, Franchise to Business

If you are planning to buy a Franchise, take 5 minutes to read this small article on how IIHT, a tried and tested, proven business can help you in achieving what you dreamt for as an Entrepreneur. As we all know that in today’s competitive world, one thing that really drives business is its commitment to quality services and customer satisfaction and IIHT understands this well.

Product and Franchise Business – Relevance and Customization

Product and Franchise Business – Relevance and Customization

There is always a question that lingers in the mind of prospective franchisees, on the relevance of the product in the target region/location and possibility of product customisation. Although it is an important thought for business it is also disruptive one. This article helps you in understanding the need for customisation and need for not changing too much. <br />Also find out how IIHT Technologies encourages its partners to bring forward ideas and how those ideas are further tested by the research team for the pros and cons of the same.